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Mission Accomplished

What to do when your book is finished?

So, you’ve written your first book …

You’ve no doubt spent hours crafting characters and honing their backstories. Those little details maybe only you will ever truly know or understand, but make your character real, so real you feel their pain, heartache and passion.
You’ve agonised over the right words, the tone and pace of each moment to make sure your reader is a part of the journey. The first, second and final drafts have been scoured for spelling, grammar and flow. The scenes have been set, the worlds created, and the dice thrown.

Now what?

Perhaps, like me, you feel muddled. Every day, I worked with my characters to create the story I now have. I’m proud of it, I love it, but I’m also aware of the loss of sitting down and letting them run.
But it’s time for next steps. I wrote my synopsis and query letters. I worked with professionals, asked their advice and implemented their suggestions. I did my research – which agents and publishers might my story fit?
Now, I’m sending my hard work out into the world and, I hope, I will find people who love it as much as I do.
You will feel doubt – I do. You will face rejection – I’m prepared. But it’s learning experience and, taken in the right way, can only make you stronger.
When I look back on the last year, I’ve come further and learned more in the last year than I ever thought possible. I set out to write a book, and I did. Whatever comes, I’ve achieved that.

And so have you … I doff my cap.

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