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Reviews from customers

Phil Parker – Author of the Valkyrie of Vanaheim

To say I am grateful to Pam Livingstone for her editing of The Valkyrie of Vanaheim is an understatement.

Editors spot and correct the mistakes made by authors. It requires a keen eye, an attention to detail which goes beyond the powers of observation of most people. An editor must also know the rules of the English language, one so complex that it brokers academic debate all the time! These two things are why editors are vital and why an author is foolish not to employ them. Pam does all these things.

What made Pam’s editing stand out is her grasp of my novel. I would contend that she knew it almost as well as I did! That’s why I found her insights so helpful. They challenged my thinking, they made me reconsider certain sentences or choices of words. In each case, justification provided even greater awareness of the point under consideration. I came to realise an editor will help you question the decisions you’ve taken and ask you if alternatives might be required. This requires a huge amount of sensitivity on the part of the editor. Authors are fragile people, it would be easy to break us with ill chosen ideas or words.

Pam is also a writer as well as an editor. A very good one too I’ve read her work. I mention this because it was a significant reason for me trusting her with the job. It meant I had confidence in someone who could edit and write. The two skills complement each other.

I will confess to having limited belief in my story when I sent it to Pam for editing. I had lost all objectivity. Now? Now I feel confident and proud of my achievement because it has been polished, reupholstered and made to shine by Pam. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.

Sophie Jaques, Product Manager, GCSEPod

Thank you for doing such a thorough job, balancing the needs of aligning to a specification with an engaging narration is tricky but your work was excellent. As and when we have work on Biology content in the future, I’ll be sure to get in touch or encourage my colleagues to do so.

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