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Coming Soon … Awakening: The Transcendent Saga

How do you live with the consequences of an impossible choice?

Aubrey has fought to carve out a normal life. Just an ordinary girl in a regular world. But some wounds don’t heal, and some experiences cannot be forgotten. Ten years ago, Aubrey had to make a choice, and the guilt haunts her. She stepped beyond the mortal realm and discovered magic is real, and so are the creatures who wield it.
Beyond the facade of human civilisation lie other worlds, inhabited by powerful and ancient species. Aubrey’s mask of ignorance is no protection, and when danger threatens, she has nowhere to turn but to the fae who started it all.
King Cathal did his duty, but at the cost of his deepest desire. When he answers her summons, Cathal is once more pulled between his crown and his heart.
As their worlds collide, Aubrey and Cathal embark on a challenging path. On the brink of war, old wounds will be reopened and painful truths revealed. Can they hold the course or will their choices ruin them forever?

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