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The SFF Convention for Staying the F at Home

QuaranCon is back, this time without the quarantine!

As many of you know, probably because I’ve shouted it from the rooftops, I love QuaranCon. It’s special in so many ways, not least because it’s an opportunity for everyone who loves SFF to get together, regardless of location or accessibility. We started it becase COVID hit, but as it turns out, QuaranCon is a hit all on its own. The feedback we’ve received has been wonderful, so much so we’re doing it again in 2022.

Because we’re all about giving you what you want, we’re asking for your thoughts and ideas on our panels. Don’t worry, we’ll still bring you contests, workshops and goats eating paper. Click on the link below to give us your suggestions. The form has a maximum of three suggestions, but if you’ve got hundreds of ideas, just fill it out again.

QuaranCon Panel Form

We’re just gathering information at the moment, so you’re not applying to run or participate in a panel, nor are you committing to anything. If you’d like to be involved, keep an eye on our Twitter page and sign up when the time comes.

Don’t forget to check out our brilliant anthology, Through Shadows, a compilation of the top three short stories from 2020 and 2021. Available here.

All our content from 2020 and 2021 is available on the YouTube channel.

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