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Creative Growth

Trying new things

Starting out as a writer, I made many mistakes. I fell right into the rookie trap of overusing adverbs, throwing in awful dialogue tags, and a whole host of other horrors. But I kept writing and I learned from my mistakes. I’m still learning.

I love writing fantasy; world building, thinking of the impossible and moulding it until it takes form and character … making it real. Part of my development as a writer has been to branch out and try new things. This is where my short stories come in.

Different narrators, POVs, genres, settings, characters; a short story can let you explore these avenues. And just because it’s short, doesn’t mean it can’t have depth and nuance. Do more with less.

I’ll be posting some of my short stories over the next few weeks, showcasing some of the little ideas that wouldn’t go away.

A guest section will be coming to the promos page soon, so if you’ve got a short story or opening chapter you’d like to share, feel free to send it to me at If it’s a good fit, I’ll post it.

Happy writing!

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